The Winds of the Immortals Trilogy

Book I: Winds of the Immortals

On a mission deep in the Peruvian jungle, mercenary Ezra Beller's life is radically changed as a mysterious plant alters his genetic code.  As he evolves and mutates into an angelic creature with crystalline finger nails and hawk-eyes, scientists classify him a new species: Homo Sarara.  Frightened by the ramifications of a mutant race developing, religious groups nationwide fear Ezra's return home to the United States where a civil war between the eastern and western regions is causing widespread discord.  Ezra's life is further complicated by his attraction to Ingrid McAdam, a young biologist who becomes fascinated by his condition. As their intimacy escalates, so do the church’s protests against their cross-species relationship.  The journey Ezra and Ingrid take soon becomes treacherous when Vishnu, a former comrade of Ezra’s turned global terrorist, plots to use Ezra's Sararan genes to execute an apocalyptic prophecy.  Ezra uses his skills, experience and new biological frame to retaliate against this malicious foe, but Vishnu has a secret of his own waiting to be unleashed on the world.  In a time of great turmoil, the future of the human race rests on the shoulders of a demonized Sararan and the woman who loves him.

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Pre-orders are over!  If you missed the early release, Winds of the Immortals will be released soon through my publisher Cranthorpe Millner.  The paperback will be available in various outlets in The UK, Canada, and The US, as well as Amazon (eBook), this website and my publishers website. Thank you for your continued support, patient readers.

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Book II: A Latticework Shrine (TBA - 2022)

Book III: Cellar Door Parallax (TBA - 2023)