About the Author

My Experiences

Parker was raised in the rugged mountains of Montana where he grew up hunting and hiking in the outdoors while developing a love for books and poetry at a young age.  He won the Authors of the Flathead poetry competition in 2008 and was published in several local poetry publications.  As a budding writer and musician, Parker carried his talents to music school in Los Angeles where he studied bass guitar and met different people from all over the world.  His friends in school offered several unique perspectives from their various locations on the globe, giving Parker a window into the unknown while challenging his own beliefs and opinions.  After school, he began writing the epic Winds of the Immortals Trilogy while fighting wild fires and traveling through the vast lands of the North American west.  Journeying through wilderness's such as the Cascades, Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, and New Mexican deserts gave Parker the time and settings to formulate this dystopian saga between his long stints on the front lines in the war against nature.  His writing is influenced by mythology, folklore, epic poetry, Gothic literary fiction, stories of people facing adversity, modern and ancient military history, and multi-cultural perspectives. 

Reach Out

Parker is using Publishizer.com as platform for publishing his book.  Pre-orders will begin March 20th.  See contact page for any questions regarding the release.